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eMedRec - Medical Records Made Friendly

The main focus in the development of eMedRec is to hold true to our mission of providing Medical Records Made Friendly. This does not eliminate the need to provide both training and ongoing support. There are a number of methods to obtain this training and support. We have found that different practices and different individuals have varying preferences and we make every effort to adapt to practice preferences.

Initial training is provided in accordance with the implementation schedule. A combination of remote web based training and personal training is provided depending on the needs of the practice. Most users will require less than 30 minutes training. Some require much less. Administrators responsible for forms design and configuring practice specific preferences and workflow queues will require more training and ongoing support. They will a few require hours of training, not days.

The most popular training methods are use of our on-line training modules on and use of our Knowledge Base. A training strategy is established in the implementation meeting with the practice. In keeping with our philosophy of adapting to the practice rather than imposing training methods we work with the practice to set up the training method that works best for each organization.