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eMedRec Forms

Forms Creation

As much as we love Electronic Charts, paper forms are still an important part of the patient visit in many medical offices. Patients fill out Patient Information Sheets, Release of Records, Receipt of Privacy Policy, and many other documents. A number of physicians still prefer to use a clipboard and a paper form to better focus on the patent and not on the computer. eMedRec's Forms Creation tool takes any existing forms the practice chooses to use and automatically completes the Patient Name, address, and other desired information from the stored data.

The patient or staff then corrects the preprinted information or adds new details. A bar code is added to the form so that it's automatically filed directly into the patient's chart when scanned. The practice may choose to use as many or as few paper based forms as they prefer based on physician preference.

eMedRec does not dictate to the practice how a patient visit is handled.
eMedRec adapts to practice choices.

1. The Practice selects the existing or new forms they will use with their EMR system.
2. The selected forms are converted to Word documents.
3. Fields are added to auto complete patient information from the EMR.
4. A bar code is added for automated filing when scanned.

One example of a Form that still needs to be printed in Florida is shown below.
The patient and provider data is pulled from eMedRec and the bar codes permit automatic scanning into the chart.