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eMedRec - Robust Workflow


Workflow creates a virtual work basket for medical practice staff.
Labs, results, records requests, dictation and other items are all tracked and escalated
based on rules established by the practice and are routed to the staff for action.
The physician may initiate the following actions:

File as Read
Edit transcription
Order labs or records
Call Patient
Electronic Sign Off
Other actions as defined by practice

Records are routed for actions between the physicians, nurses and other staff.
Medical records are always available in the chart for viewing while awaiting action in the workflow .

Working on workbasket items

Items requiring action by the physician or others will be routed to their workbasket.
The user may then annotate the document or request actions be taken.


Users have the option of using the annotation tool to highlight or add notations to the document.
The Queue Actions option includes more specific annotation options.

This graphic shows using the annotation tool to highlight a test result received via fax.

Queue Actions

The nucleus of the Workflow system is the Queue Actions menu.
Within this screen the user has the options of:

Sign off and file
Call Patient with results
Schedule tests
Prescribe meds
Place in callback

Checking the desired category opens the appropriate window.
The user may add any additional comments to the document.

Place in Call Back

One example of a workflow action would be requesting a call back.
When Place in Call Back is selected a Popup with call back options appears.
These options are customized by the practice.

The Workflow functionality of eMedRec is adapted to the needs and preferences of the practice.