ePrescribing - Composing Rx

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Click on the Compose Rx screen to Renew or Prescribe a new medication.

This is usually the default opening screen.


The Medication List from the patient chart will copy over to the eScripts screen.

Select the medication(s) to Renew and click Select.




After clicking Select, the medication to be prescribed is shown at the top of the page.  Click Take Complete Rx to Review Page.



If not already completed, add the Quantity, Refill amount, and any additional Sig or message to pharmacist.

Save to go to next step.

Click Take Complete Rx to Review Page again.

If drug interactions are found, they are noted with the level of severity.


If complete, click Proceed to Print/Transmit or Leave for Doctor Review.  Clicking Finish / Add to Current Meds will add the medication to the med list with no further processing needed.


Click Transmit Rx to submit and go to the next step, or Print, if desired.



Select from the list of the patient’s pharmacies, or go to Pt. Detail to Add a pharmacy.



A copy of the prescription that may be printed as a receipt for the patient will be shown.



The renewal is complete. The Medication List is updated both in eMedRec and in the ePrescribing system.