1.0 eMedRec Viewer

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eMedRec patient charting software was specifically designed to mimic the look and feel of a paper

chart system.  Practitioners are able to see all patient records within the chart with clicks of a

mouse.  The solution is designed with the Doctor/Patient visit in mind and requires minimal

change to the current way that a doctor sees a patient.  Physicians work with bar coded documents

or data entry screens, whichever they prefer.  Information received from scanning, faxes,

data entry, import from labs or transcription, DICOM or other sources is viewed in a uniform view-

ing screen.


The eMedRec interface is displayed below.  With the exception of the Face Sheet, all documents

and lists are displayed in the Viewer (6).


1:  Menu Bar

2:  Tool Bar

3:  Search Bar

4:  Tab Contents

5:  Tabs

6:  Viewer

7:  Viewer Selections

8:  Status Bar