Clinical Quality Measures - Documentation of Current Medications

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The process for meeting this measure requires keeping the patient Medication List updated. This measure is usually complied with in the high 90 %tile. However, the Medication List can be verified for accuracy using the ePrescribing link. This list should include ALL known prescriptions, over-the-counters, herbals, and vitamin/mineral/dietary (nutritional) supplements AND must contain the medications' name, dosage, frequency and route of administration. In particular specialists should make every effort to include medications prescribed by the PCP or other specialists. 

In addition to recording medications from the patients records, you may also search the SureScripts registry for the record of prescriptions received from pharmacies by the patient. Bring up the list of medications as shown in the ePrescribing window and verify with the patient.

When opening the patient eScripts window the user will note the message that Surescripts is being searched. 
Click on Compose to refresh.

If a history is found then the following option appears. 
If there is no available history that will be indicated.

Note that the message will vary depending on the insurance provider and pharmacy history.

Click on the SureScripts Drug History link and the following screen will appear. 4 Months usually covers most prescriptions. 

Click to Request the prescription history and import.

A history of the patient's prescribed medications will be listed. 
Verify the accuracy with the patient. 
Place a check to the left of any medications you want imported into the Medication List.
Click 'Import to PT Record' to populate the Medication List.