Clinical Quality Measures - Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccination

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The CQM for Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccinations may be met whether or not your practice administers these vaccines. If the practice does administer the vaccine then record the inventory and administration of the vaccine in the Immunization List for the patient. 

When recording Immunizations for patients that have been administered at other facilities the vaccine status may be recorded in the Immunization List or Health Maintenance. 

To record these vaccines in the Immunization List in the Patient chart - go to Lists - Immunization List

Click Edit and then Click Add - select the Immunization from the drop down list - select a Lot number
Select "Recorded Only Not Administered" for the Injection Site and "-" for the Stregnth and UOM
You may optionally add the location where the patient received the vaccine. 


You may also choose to record these vaccines in the Health Maintenance List if the practice prefers this method. 

In the patient chart to to Lists - Health Maintenance - Edit 
The options for the vaccines should be listed if the patient is in the age group

Double click on the protocol and then add the date immunization was received in the bottom part of the list.
If the patient doesn't know exactly then you can estimate and make a comment on that line. 

It is the practice choice whether to record these vaccines in the Immunization List or Health Maintenance if they do not administer the vaccines themselves. If they do administer the vaccine then it should be recorded with the proper lot numbers indicated in Immunizations.