Clinical Quality Measure - Screening for High Blood Pressure and Follow up Documented

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The best process for meeting this measure involves these steps.

1. Record the Patient's Blood Pressure in the Vitals List.    

2. If the patient's Blood Pressure is high record Diagnosis Code Z13.6 in their Problem List. This will record the Encounter for screening for cardiovascular disorders in the chart.
The Follow Up plan for the the patient's blood pressure concerns will be ordered by the physician. 

3. After the Z13.6 code is added to the Problem List you can Right Click on the line for this diagnosis and select Patient Education. 

4. Click Print and print the High Blood Pressure document created by the CDC for the patient. This action is recorded in the database.

Following the process above will meet the CMS22v5 Clinical Quality Measure. 

Measure Name eID eNQF NQF QID 
  Screening for High Blood Pressure and Follow up Documented CMS22v5 N/A N/A 317
 Measure Description Domain   Type  High Priority?
Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older seen during the reporting period who were screened for high blood pressure AND a recommended follow-up plan is documented based on the current blood pressure (BP) reading as indicated Community/Population Health  Process No
 eMedRec Process Education printed from Chart, Vitals recorded - 

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