Primo Printing to PDF

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Primo can be used to print chart contents to PDF including accumulating multiple documents and tabs. 

Click Print for the first document you want to print to PDF.  Select PrimoPDF.
Select Current Document/Page/Tab. Uncheck the box if you want to exclude the annotations.

If it is the first time you are using Primo it may ask about automatic updates. You can check the box to not be asked again.

The settings you select the first time will be remembered on subsequent uses.
We generally use the eBook option, but the other options are okay too.
You can opt to have a password on the file. This is useful for emailing Personal Health Information.
Change the Post Process to Do Nothing because you don't need it to open after saving. 

When you click Create PDF you will be prompted for the file location.  It will remember the location the next time you print.
If you are saving the PDF to a flash drive it may appear as a drive letter E or F and your local workstation name.
If you are saving to your desktop on the local machine the path would be C on MachineName Users\YourID\Desktop
In the example below the machine name is LITSWD.

Type in the Patient Name in the File Name Box. 
Save, and the Primo box will disappear. 
If you have additional documents to Add to this PDF go to that document and Click Print.
The last settings including PrimoPDF, file location will default. 
Click on the patient name in the file list and Primo will ask if you want to Append or Overwrite. 
Select Append.

Repeat the above until all the documents are appended.
The file will be located either on the flash drive or on the workstation in the location selected.