Electronic Health Information Export File Detail
File Name Documents.CSV
Description This file contains the pointer data for all the Patients Documents/Attachments, inclusive of Document Name, Tab, Document Descriptor, Date of Service and Document Path and Name.
Column DataType Description
MRNumber varchar Patient ID (MRNumber)
Document Name varchar Name of the Document. Example: Hospital Records, EKG, Lab Fax Document, Insurance Card, Other Records, etc...
Date of Service varchar Date of the Patients Visit, aka Date of Service Example: "2021-06-30", "2021-07-30"
Tab varchar Folder or Tab that the Document would be stored in Example: EKG, Hospital Records, Stress Tests, Other Records, etc...
Document Descriptor Int Document Description for the Document that describes what document is in the folder Example, Holter Monitor Report, Labcorp PT/INR Report, Records from Doctor, etc...
Document Path and Name varchar Path and FileName for the Document Example: \\UNCPATH\ProgressNote.DOC, \\UNCPATH\HospitalRecords.PDF