Electronic Health Information Export File Detail
File Name Immunizations.CSV
Description This file contains information about Immunizations details for patients, including Immunization name, Injection Route, Injection Site, Strength, Unit of Measure, Date of Immunization, Lot and Expiration Date
Column DataType Description
MRNumber varchar Patient ID (MRNumber)
Description varchar Immunization Name/Description
Immunization Date DateTime Date of the Immuinization Example: "2021-06-30", "2021-07-30"
Route varchar Immunization Route
Site varchar Location of the Immunization Example"Right Arm", "Left Arm"
Strength varchar Immunization Strength
UOM varchar Unit of Measurement for Immunization
Lot varchar Immunization Lot Number
Expiration Date DateTime Expiration Date of the Immuinization Example: "2021-06-30", "2021-07-30"