Electronic Health Information Export File Detail
File Name Medications.CSV
Description This file contains information about medication details for patients, including medication name, dosage, frequency, Sig, Prescribing Provider and other related data.
Column DataType Description
MRNumber varchar Patient ID (MRNumber)
Medication varchar Medication Name/Description
Medication Name varchar Name of the medication. Example: "Aspirin", "Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol"
Medication ID varchar First Databank Medication Id
Start Date varchar Start date of the medication Example: "2021-05-30", "2021-06-30"
End Date varchar End date of the medication Example: "2021-06-30", "2021-07-30"
Sig varchar Medication Intructions
Route varchar Route for medication. Example: "Oral", "Intravenous", "Injection"
Unit varchar Medication Strength / Unit
Unit of Measurement varchar Unit of Measurement for Medication
RXNorm Code varchar RXNorm ID
Ordering Provider varchar Provider that prescribed the medication
Active int Active Flag "0=Active, 1=Inactive, -1=Deleted"