Electronic Health Information Export File Detail
File Name Vitals.CSV
Description This file contains information about vitals details for patient visits, including weight, height, blood pressure, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Pulse Rhythm, Glucose Level, Head Circumference, BMI and comments.
Column DataType Description
MRNumber varchar Patient ID (MRNumber)
Date of Service DateTime Date of Service/Visit Date with Time
Weight int
Weight UOM varchar Unit of Measurement Ex: lbs or Kg
Height varchar Height of the Patient
Height UOM varchar Unit of Measurement Ex: Inch or CM
Blood Pressure - systolic int Systolic Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure - diastolic int Diastolic Blood Pressure
Pulse int Pulse of the Patient
Pulse Rhythm varchar Rhythm for the Patient
Respiration Rate int Respiration Rate for the Patient
Temperature varchar Temperature of the Patient
Temperature UOM varchar Temperature Unit of Measurement, Farenheit or Celcius
Glucose Level varchar Glucose Level of the Patient
Head Circumference varchar Head Circumference of the Patient
BMI int BMI of the Patient
Comments varchar Nurse and/or Provider Comments on the Vitals Intake